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Article: Easy Steps To Help Grow Your Hair!

Easy steps to help grow your hair - Sable Boutique

Easy Steps To Help Grow Your Hair!

Our wonderful client Larissa from the Leo Style has been in touch about wanting to grow her hair and it got me thinking that there are a few things you need to do to help get your tresses longer.

First thing first is no matter what you do to your hair you won't get anywhere if your insides aren't 100%. So invest in some supplements. We recommend a good collagen supplement like Adashiko. Collagen is a natural amino acid that most of us already know is good for our skin. But you can also use collagen for hair growth.

Now you need to get your hair into good condition. The best product we have come across in years must be Olaplex. It builds and repairs broken bonds to restore the integrity of your hair. This means less breakage and you can still continue to colour your hair.

Don't forget to cut your hair. A good hairdresser will help cut a great style whilst letting the length get longer. Keeping shape around your face will give the illusion of length. A grown out bob will always look like a bob. Layering and shaping will transform your bob to a great cut and keep you motivated.

Invest in a Silke Hair Turban. Our 100% silk hair wrap to protect your hair from damage that causes breakages, thinning, hair loss, frizz and split ends, while you sleep. Such an easy step. When you wake up your hair will be looking better so you are less likely to need to re-blow wave. Cutting down on the amount of heat damage you do.

This was the great feedback we received from our client Felicity 

Silke London Hair Wrap Turban Review

Cut down on heat tools and blow waving. Give you hair a break on the weekends if you can. Any day of rest is a good day. And if you have to use heat then use heat protection! You need one every time you blow wave. But don't forget to reapply before using your irons or tongs!! We recommend starting with All In One Milk by Davines and once your hair is completely dry apply Instant Protect by Living Proof. This spray is light enough to apply over other products and use on dry hair.

Good luck!! xx


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