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Article: Silver Bullet Hybrid Brush

Silver Bullet Hybrid Brush-Sable Boutique

Silver Bullet Hybrid Brush

We tried and fell in love with Hybrid Hot Styling Brush and we decided that you need it in your life too!

Heated brushes have been around a while, and they keep getting a resurgence of late and yes I know we are a bit late to the game but we are in love.

Why? Because let's be honest we are time poor but still want amazing results. I often go to my iron for quick hair and yes it is great but I miss the volume, I miss the blow waved look and feel, and mostly I miss (lets be honest I never had it to start with) the salon finish.

Hello Hybrid, my new best friend.

Disclaimer - you need dry hair. And the game changer part is you can use this brush on day one, two, three...... 

The first day Molly and I tried this brush I had 3 day old unwashed hair. And it worked as well as super clean hair. Molly didn't try for a volumous look but her hair looked fuller and had more life to it.

I still sectioned my hair around the face but free handed the back. 

Silver Bullet hot brush

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  • Straightening brush with ceramic plate and ionic generator for silky smooth results
  • LCD digital temperature display
  • Adjustable temperature control: 160-210°C
  • Slender brush head making it easier to get close to the roots
  • Round-tipped heated bristles which easily glide through hair 360 degree power swivel cord for optimum maneuverability
  • Luxe gold detailing 
  • Dual voltage for worldwide usage
  • 2 year warranty



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