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Article: Q&A FINE HAIR



We often get asked in the salon about how to tackle hair problems, so here are some specifically related to fine hair.
What is considered fine hair?
Fine hair is the actual thickness of the hair's individual strands rather than density or amount of hair on your head. In fine hair, the individual strands are smaller compared to coarse hair which is thicker in diameter.
The common misconception is that if you have fine hair, you don't have a lot of hair but that may not always be the case! Sometimes with fine hair you can have high density too.
Will layers work with my hair type?
Yes! There are ways of layering fine hair without it appearing too wispy. Generally clients with thin and fine hair usually stick to having their hair all one length so that the hair is solid and full. But a way to still retain length through layering would be through internal layers. Internal layers also known as "ghost layers" are great at creating a bit of movement and body without sacrificing the length of your hair as well. 
What brushes are most suitable?
Knotty hair is always a struggle with fine hair no matter how much you have of it! A great way to gently untangle while the hair is wet, would be with the Fine and Fragile Tangle Teezer but if you can avoid brushing it when wet that's great as it is at its most fragile and more prone to breakage (thin haired peeps that one is for you!)
For blowdrying, a vented ceramic brush with boar bristles is best. The bristles help the hair stay on the brush without catching, while also creating body and volume. 
My hair is fine AND thin, will colouring my hair make it look thicker?
When your hair colour is all one shade, it usually appears to look flat and thin. A way to create an illusion of depth is having a mix of multi tones in your hair i.e light and dark. By having different tones, your hair appears more natural and multi dimensional which overall could make your hair appear more full. 

My fine hair is damaged - What are my options?
Number one option would be a haircut. It really is the best way to get rid of damage and those split ends. However a haircut sometimes isn't an ideal option especially when you are wanting to keep length, so the next best thing would be treatments! 
Olaplex #0 and #3 are a great combo for restoring fine damaged locks.
See our blog on how best to use them! We don't recommend the shampoo and conditioner however as they may feel too heavy or like they leave a residue behind. Regardless if your hair is thick or thin, leave those bad boys for the coarse haired peeps for now.
What's the best Shampoo for fine hair?
Typically for fine hair we suggest any shampoo that doesn't weigh your hair down! Popular options are volumising shampoos. Don't be worried if you have lots of hair, it won't make a lion out of you, it just won't have anything too heavy in it resulting in your hair looking flat or feeling greasy. Good options are VoluVolumising Hair Bath and surprisingly the Smoothing range from Oway too (that's why it has a conditioner to match over a heavy mask like the other combos).
If your hair is feeling like it needs a deep clean a good clarifying shampoo is always great to give your scalp a good cleanse. You can't go wrong with Oblivion or Solu. Just be nice to your hair and don't wash it with these every day as you can leave it feeling a little too stripped.
What's the best Shampoo routine?
With fine hair you may feel like you need to wash it lots. If you wash it every day, skip the double shampoo, just one will do you good even if you have thick hair. 
If you don't wash your hair that often then go with the double shampoo. You probably have a bit of build up from dry shampoo or styling products so get in there.
Rinse! You really do need a lot of patience or excellent water pressure if you have fine hair, especially if you have a lot of it. Rinse ALL of your shampoo and conditioner out no matter how long it takes. It will make your hair feel so much better and last longer between washes.
Sometimes switching to a leave in conditioning spray like All in One Milk instead of conditioner can help reduce the hair being weighed down too.
How to make my fine hair thicker?
It's not possible! You've been blessed with fine hair. Your hair processes quickly and if you have a lot of it then you probably malt like a golden retriever, but that's cute right? If you do have the thin and fine hair combo then your choice of styling products during your blow wave can help give an appearance of having thicker full bodied hair. R+Co Park Ave and Oway Volumising Root Spray are best used before blow drying. Both thick and thin fine haired people can also get such a kick out of sprinkling in L'Oreal Super Dust once your hair is dry and if needed adding some backcombing.
Hope you find these helpful and you can learn something new!


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