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Article: Winter Getaway Essentials

Winter Getaway Essentials - Sable Boutique

Winter Getaway Essentials

I think we're all starting to feel those mid winter blues this time of year! If you're one of the lucky ones who are starting to pack their bags for either a summer or winter getaway we've got all the essential hair products you'll need to keep your hair looking gorgeous while you're away.
These are my top 5 products to get packing:
1. R&Co Dry Shampoo Paste
Dry shampoo is my #1 holiday product. If you're not already an avid dry shampoo fan, I don't know how you've gone this long without it! Dry shampoo gives your hair a refresh and adds a bit of volume to your roots for those in-between days when you don't want the chore of totally washing, drying and re-styling your hair. 
R&Co make amazing dry shampoo in all different forms. Their 'Badlands' Dry Shampoo Paste is one part dry shampoo and one part styling paste, so works as two products in one ... (more room in your suitcase for holiday shopping!). The fact it is a paste rather than a liquid or aerosol makes it easy to pack away in your carry on with no worries! 
2. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Creme 
This leave in styling formula eliminates frizz whilst adding definition and shine to your hair. This amazing product contains pure argan oil which nourishes and hydrates. Using a product with hydrating factors is essential for when traveling to hot or cold weather, as either humidity or freezing temperatures can leave your hair frizzy, dry, and hard to manage. 
3. Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray 
I love everything about hot weather except for the fact my hair seems to turn against me. I was waving goodbye to all those cute holiday photos you see on Instagram, as my hair was turning into a massive ball of frizz!
This Oribe spray SAVED my hair when it came to spending long days in humid places. It is a finishing spray which shields hair from frizz. Protecting all styles from sleek straightened locks to smooth curls. 
4. Original Mineral Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque
A week away with sunshine, swimming pools and lots of styling can leave your hair feeling worse for wear. This Seven Day Miracle treatment transforms damaged hair to divine hair thanks to its moisturising properties. Suitable for all hair types, this masque contains macadamia and argan oil as well as essential vitamins for renewing your hair.
5. NOUNOU travel sized Shampoo and Conditioner 
This shampoo and conditioner combo are some of our bestsellers. We stock them in the perfect 75ml travel size so you can keep your hair clean and nourished whilst you're away from home.
NOUNOU shampoo and conditioner are one of our most nourishing washes, which make them the perfect combo for highly processed or brittle hair.


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