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Article: Sable Loves || Scent Floral Boutique

Sable Loves || Scent Floral Boutique

Sable Loves || Scent Floral Boutique

We knew we had to add Scent Florist Boutique to the Sable Loves series.

We love the team at Scent and have been our florist since 2008. Forever delighting us with their arrangements and selection of vases. Always found on our front desk with a fortnightly change. 

Scent Floral Boutique specialises in all aspects of fresh flowers as well as events, weddings and funerals. They do same day delivery. 

And I have to recommend their selection of sweet treats too (Chocolate covered raspberries YUM).

I have found myself there buying birthday presents. Love their selection of plants and planters.

What's not to love. You can find them at 45 Johnson Street, Wellington.

Scent Floral Boutique Floral Image


Images courtesy of Scent Floral Boutique



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