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Article: The Ultimate Facial Massage Tool

The Ultimate Facial Massage Tool-Sable Boutique

The Ultimate Facial Massage Tool

If you follow skincare, wellness, and beauty accounts on social media you’re sure to have been bombarded by gorgeous images of Gemstone facial tools. They are an effective and simple way to increase the benefits of your skincare routine. 

The jade roller which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — has been around since the 17th century and was originally used by Chinese royalty and high society members. This historical beauty secret is making a comeback and I am LOVING it! 


The benefits of rollers go beyond what you'd expect, and trust me, you wont feel so silly rolling a spherical crystal all over your face once you hear what it can do for your skin!

The Facial Roller is used to influence a softer, more radiant complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Devoted rollers can’t get enough of the tool which decreases puffiness, minimizes lines and makes sure your daily serums are penetrating deeply into your skin.

Benefits include lymphatic drainage and a healing facial massage, the tool is basically a stand in for plastic surgery....without the scary needles!

The beautiful precious stone, Rose Quartz, helps unclog the Heart Chakra, letting go of stress and negativity that can cause tension in the muscle. This tension can often be how wrinkles are formed, so releasing it is vital to ageless skin. 


By using a stone roller every day (sometimes twice a day if you’re feeling saucy), you’re actually giving yourself a gentle facial massage. That massaging motion not only increases circulation (hello, plump, firm, glowing skin), it also works to break up any stagnation in the lymphatic system that may be causing puffiness or blemishes and gives your neglected facial muscles some much-needed TLC. 

Tense muscles = wrinkles, FYI. So giving these a regular massage really helps to loosen up any tension!



Now comes the fun part.
There’s no right or wrong area of the face to start, but do make sure you’re always rolling from the center, outwards. I also like to visually split my face in half, using my nose as the divider, and work on one side at a time to make sure I’m not missing any areas. This will also help to create an equal rolling routine for all parts of your face. 

The whole process should take two to four minutes, depending on how many passes you’re doing and how many areas of the face you’re hitting.

As you’re working the facial roller, you’ll see your skin start to flush — this is a good thing! It means circulation is increasing.

Always remember to roll upwards, you want to push your muscles up not drag them down. T
he only exception is around your temples - roll down to drain your lymph nodes.

You should only be using your facial roller on clean skin. Like I said earlier, the massaging motion will help any product on your skin sink in deeper and the same is true for old makeup and dirt. 

Rolling in the morning?
This will help to decrease any I-barely-slept-last-night puffiness. Consider popping your roller in the fridge overnight, the cool stone will lower swelling by shrinking blood vessels. It also feels amazing on tired skin!

Rolling at night?
Go through your standard cleansing routine to remove all traces of the day and apply any serums and/or oils you like before bed. After giving them a minute to sink in, roll your heart out. The facial roller will help skin drink them up before they have time to evaporate or rub off on your pillow. This means you will gain the full effect from any products you are using. 




Showcase your product benefit by using before/after image comparison.



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