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Tratto - Fabric & Lingerie Spray

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Tratto is Oway's 100% Vegetable essence for fabrics and lingerie.

This product is a blend of precious essential oils collected in the fields and processed in our alchemical laboratories, where all individual notes are skillfully blended together giving life to a distinct and unique fragrance, just like the plants they come from.

Tratto scents clothing, lingerie, sneakers, luggage, linen, automobile interiors, scarves and curtains with a fresh, citrus fragrance.


How to use the product: 

At home: spray Tratto on lingerie, curtains, pillows, sheets and carpets to recreate the fresh and charming experience of a trip in the Mediterranean. 

For clothes: perfect for clothes, scarves, shawls, sneakers. To recover a sensation of freshness. To feel refreshed after being in crowded places, waiting rooms and public transport means. 

Free Time: Ideal to combat very strong odors of some places (restaurants, pizzerias, etc.), to counter the oppression feeling caused by the city smog. 

Travelling: Diffuse it in the interior of your car, on suitcase and on carryalls. Use Tratto to oxygenate yourself and breathe new air. 

Active Ingredients:

Citrus top notes: Biodynamic Lemon, sweet and bitter Orange, Bergamot, Cedar -> Play an energizing and anti-stress effect on the mind.

Mediterranea Maquis Middle Notes: Verbena, Lavender, Juniper -> Have a relaxing aromatherapeutic action.

Oriental Base Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang -> Stimulate the senses with a subtle aphrodisiac effect