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Kester Black

Skinny Dip

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 Light blue shimmer nail polish. Here’s the skinny on this bright new hue. It’s clean, pristine and captures that refreshing feeling of bolting into the blue - better yet, doing so in your birthday suit. No inflatables necessary. 


How To Use

Clean and prep your nails for painting by wiping them down with a cotton pad soaked in Nail Cleanser. Apply a thin layer of Miracle Base Coat and allow to dry. Follow with your favourite Kester Black nail polish, coating the surface from base to tip. Allow to dry (five minutes should do it) before applying a second coat. Once dry, seal it all in with our Top Coat to prolong wear and prevent chipping.


Fast-drying: No need to eat lunch with your elbow.
High shine: Apply base and top coat, admire the perfection.
Serious staying power: More chip resistant than a wellness blogger.
A cinch to apply: With our french-tip brush, you've got this.
Mix and match: Work it back with a rainbow of 50+ shades.