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Perfect Hair Day PhD Dry Shampoo

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Living Proof Perfect Hair Day PhD Dry Shampoo cleans beyond ordinary dry shampoos. It’s powered by a Triple-Action Cleaning Technology that makes your hair look, feel and smell clean.

  • Absorbs and removes oil, sweat and odor
  • Works on all hair colors because it leaves virtually no visible residue or powdery build-up behind
  • Time-released fragrance delivers a light, clean scent throughout the day

Application tip: See a little white residue? No worries, that's the cleaning in action as the oil and sweat are absorbed by the dry shampoo. Just wait 30 seconds and brush gently to remove.

For all hair types. All Living Proof products are sulfate-free, silicone-free and oil-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair


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5.00 Average

4 Reviews

Jacqueline Lewis121

Totally love this product and will happily purchase again.


Smells great Takes away the greasy look I have to wash my hair every other day as i get greasy hair and on the second day i still have to use dry shampoo if i don't like the greasy look. especially when my root are starting to show a bit (highlighted hair).


This has to be the nicest dry shampoo I have tried. It’s such a lovely smell and is so good at keeping my hair fresh looking without excess powder in my hair!


Having had great success with other Living Proof products (particularly the Full range, which I love), I thought I'd try this dry shampoo. It's fantastic! I have fine, blonde, shoulder-length, colour-treated hair that used to get oily pretty quickly. Before switching to Living Proof products I used to wash my hair every day, particularly as I usually do a fairly intense workout most days, but this allows me to go a couple of days without washing - even after a workout. I would never have thought that one product could take my hair from its disgusting post-workout sweaty state (I wear a cap and put my hair in a ponytail to exercise) to looking almost better than if I'd washed and blow-dried it. It smells fresh and adds perfect texture and volume, and I've had no trouble with white residue. I thoroughly recommend it. Thank God I've found a New Zealand stockist!

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