OWN WAY perfume

Oway's Own Way is a 100% Plant based Eau De Parfum.

OWN WAY is composed entirely of botanical elements derived from plants, fruits, flowers, wood, as well as aromatic herbs grown at KM 0 on our farm Ortofficina with biodynamic method. 

OWN WAY is more than just a fragrance, it is a story too. It is an experience that encaplulates the power of the Earth and the brightness of the Sun. A unique blend of freshness and depth. A stunning mix of elegance and simplicity. 

INCIPIT: an entirely Mediterranean beginning, which swings between the brightness of the Sicilian Orange, the amber aroma of Sage and the freshness of Myrtle.

PLOT: an interweaving that tells of OW's roots, recreating the freshness of aromatic and mildly flowery plants like Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary grown on Ortofficina.

ENDING: a long, elegant, vigorous ending that contemplates the resinous scent of Rock Rose and the vigour of Cedar wood, enlivened by a pinch of Pink Pepper and lying on a gently gourmand Vanilla trail. 

  • $71.50