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Nod Deep Sleep Support Drops

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Believing in the power of plants not pills Nod was created to provide a 100 natural and nonadditive herbal sleep formula. 

Everything a sleep product should be all natural, super potent and tastes amazing, This 100% plant-based sleep formulation provides a deeper, more restorative sleep. It helps relax you in the evening, and if you wake in the night, you wont be on high alert, rather you'll come into a light sleep the easily drift back to deep sleep. With addition of pure organic rosewater, it has a sweetness of taste and a lovely texture on the tongue.

Luxurious tasting sleeping formula

  • A potent blend of the most efficacious herbs available
  • Anti anxiety for calm evenings and nights
  • Safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding



To begin for 7 nights, take 5-10 drops under your tongue every half hour starting 2-3 hours before bed. To maintain Take 5-10 drops one hour before bed and once more immediately before bed If you wake during the night take up to an additional 3 doses


Nod contains clinically effective levels of super sleepy sedatives such as Californian poppy Passionflower Valerian and Zizyphus ,as well as beautifully soothing herbs like Chamomile and Lemon balm Designed to support anti anxiety for calm evenings. Nod will help you get the beauty sleep you deserve with the inclusion of 100 Organic Rosewater for skin hydration and NZ Manuka for sweetness of taste.