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Fur Bath Drops

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Introducing a better way to bathe. These seaweed-encased bath beads contain the signature Fur Oil and a blend of softening oils.

They dissolve easily in warm water and gently nourish your skin, leaving you silky soft and relaxed.

Unlike the bath beads of the 90s, which were produced with gelatin casings, Bath Drops contain absolutely zero animal products and are made with clean ingredients. Drop 2-3 into your bath for a replenishing soak.

Feel free to use Bath Drops as often as you need—whenever your skin feels a little dry, or when you need to take a moment for yourself. 

Packaged in a gorgeous glass jar and these bath drops are the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about. 

Key Ingredients
  • Red Seaweed 
  • Clary Sage Oil 
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil