Freeway Defining Spray Gel

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Get moving in the right direction with FREEWAY Defining Spray Gel by R+Co.

Amplify volume and bring control to your ends no matter what kind of hair you’ve got.

Until now, aerosol spray gels have used hair spray technology - which leaves hair crunchy and dry. FREEWAY is the first to utilize a styling polymer previously only found in tubed gels which provides all the benefits of a gel, in an aerosol format.

Other spray gels on the market are non-aerosol pump sprays that clog and get messy, with a heavy spray pattern that weighs down curls. FREEWAY is aerosolized, which means an even, fine mist that is easier to apply! Contains good for you ingredients like Spirulina and Sweet Almond Oil that strengthen, hydrate, and nourish hair - helping it to grow longer and strong over time. 

Perfect for curls, leaving them soft, bouncy, defined and never flaking


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