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Aquarius is a Blue lilac nail polish.

Like the wildest hydrangea, Aquarius won’t tell you if it’s blue or purple. But we’re not mad about it - this mysterious lilac nail polish is a total eye-catcher. Accessorise with reckless abandon, free-spiritedness and generous air-sign energy. Finally, something to wear through the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

All of Kester Black's products are cruelty free, vegan and made in Australia! They are also Certified B Corp.

Kester Black's 10-Free™ brand means They strip out a lot of bad stuff. While no nail polish can ever be fully free of chemicals, their 10-Free™ formula does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates and animal derived or tested ingredients. Kester Black has also never used ingredients like ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate or xylene. 

  • Coat a cotton pad in nail cleanser and swipe over each nail to remove any oil residue.
  • For the perfect mani, glide the nail polish brush over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip.
  • Allow to dry (five minutes should do it), and for best results, apply a second coat.
  • Once dry, seal the colour in with Top Coat to prolong wear.