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Silk Sleep Eye Masks

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100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Masks

Pick from the 2 gorgeous prints and sleep soundly knowing you are only wearing the finest quality silk sleep mask.

Filled with 100% silk with 8 layers. Breathable, durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Effectively block out light, helping you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated 

Washing Tips

1. Silk products need to be washed gently by hand, not by machine.
2. Silk detergent is preferred. If not possible, use a gentle detergent and only a little of it. Ensure it is fully resolved in the water before adding the mask.
3. Silk is easy to wrinkle. Do not wring it out, dry laying flat out of the sun.
4. Ironing temperature should be controlled below 150℃, it is recommended not to contact the surface of silk directly, use a white t-shirt or tea towel between the iron and the mask.

Size: 23cm x 10cm