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Kester Black Lipsticks

The new yardstick in lipstick.

Non-sticky, super-pigmented, non-bleed, super lasting.

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Back SoonYour Lips But Better Matte Lipstick from Kester BlackYour Lips But Better Matte Lipstick Swatch on white background from Kester Black
Back SoonLip Service Matte LipstickLip Service Matte Lipstick
Back SoonSweet Nothings Lipstick Kester BlackSweet Nothings Lipstick Kester Black
Back SoonKester Black Plump Up The Jam LipstickSwatch of Kester Black Plump Up The Jam Lipstick on White background
Back SoonDaydream LipstickDaydream Lipstick
Back SoonWoke Up Like This LipstickWoke Up Like This Lipstick
Back SoonGlow Up LipstickGlow Up Lipstick
Beauty Sleep LipstickBeauty Sleep Lipstick
Back SoonPow Wow Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable BoutiquePow Wow Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable Boutique
Back SoonNever Nude Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable BoutiqueNever Nude Lipstick
Back SoonFirst Date Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable BoutiqueFirst Date Lipstick
Back SoonDo-Gooder Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable BoutiqueDo-Gooder Lipstick
Back SoonPep Talk Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable BoutiquePep Talk Lipstick
Self Preservation Lipstick-Kester Black-Sable BoutiqueSelf Preservation Lipstick