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How to brush your hair like a professional 💁 with ghd!

2 min read

If you haven't heard of ghd we believe you have been living under a rock...
We all know they sell amazing straightening irons and curling wands but no one has really informed us on their brush range.
Now we've started stocking their magnificent, professional brushes we thought why not share how we feel about them with you! 👍
The ghd brushes come in all different shape, sizes and styles all targeted at achieving a variety of different things.
The brushes we are stocking instore and online are: 
The Black and Pink Paddle Brush
The Oval Dressing Brush
The Natural Bristle Radial Brush (in various sizes)
The Ceramic Radial Brush (in various sizes)
Each brush is specifically designed to help detangle and style hair without causing any excess breakage. All the brushes are created with a luxe black handle and frame (made from the highest quality craftsmanship), embellished with dark silver details creating a lush brush - that's not too lush in price! 
Of course, if you don’t use ghd straighteners it doesn’t mean you can’t get all the benefits of their hair tools. 
The brush prices range from $33 NZD to $40 NZD.
That's a pretty awesome price for the quality of the brush you are getting 💕

We recommend using the Paddle Brush for brushing hair from root to tip. It is particularly effective on thick or long hair, because it has greater surface area.  It’s also useful for brushing hair while straightening, if you wanted to smooth out your hair that way.

We recommend the Radial Brushes for styling hair or adding body to your desired style.  There are different size round brushes, the very large ones are especially for big, bouncy blow-drying, the small brushes are for teasing little curls into hair and the mid-size brushes are best for medium thickness, medium length hair.


Get your hands on a ghd Brush today!

We promise you won't regret it ⭐️ 


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