Your Essential Sleep Routine

It’s the run up to Christmas and diaries are already packed out with events, parties and family gatherings.

Your Beauty regime has ramped up to keep up and you’re missing that extra 30 minutes in bed..

SABLE is here to save your hair & skin this party season - so hit that snooze button!


Even though sleeping seems peaceful enough, you don't totally know what goes on when you shut your eyes and fall asleep. You could be tossing and turning and unintentionally pulling or creating friction on your hair, or you could make a habit of going to bed with your hair up, and the elastic tied in your hair for eight plus hours could also cause breakage.

If you take good care of your hair in your day-to-day life, you might as well make sure it's protected while you're asleep, too.

I mean, you don't want to negate all the good things you're doing to care for it every day with a rough night of sleeping.

Follow our key tips below for the best nights sleep you hair, skin and mind have ever had!

 Don't Go To Bed With Wet Hair

Your hair is its weakest when it's wet, so by sleeping on wet hair, it makes it even more susceptible to breakage. The other main issue with going to bed with wet hair is that the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair is more raised when wet — which is why often some women find their hair is impossibly knotty when wet but not so when dry.

To make sure your hair is dry before you fall asleep use a Riva Hair Towel Wrap - the microfibre is quick to absorb moisture and is lightweight so it won't cause friction and damage to your hair follicles like a regular bath towel would.

After removing your hair towel add a spritz of heat protection spray like Oi All In One Milk or Melu Heat Shield to protect you locks.

Blow dry your hair until it is dry - we love the Cloud Nine Airshot as you can adjust the temperature to operate at a lower heat which minimises damage its also super quick at getting your hair dry and light to hold!


Brush Before Bed

Don't go to bed with tons of tangles in your hair that could only get worse while you're tossing in the night. Instead, brush your hair before bed so that you're tangle-free.

Brushing your hair releases tension-causing tangles and distributes the little balls of natural oil in your hair that otherwise have a slim chance of reaching the ends where they are needed- But avoid over-brushing this can actually weaken the hair and cause it to loosen at the root.

Combine a detangling aid like Original Mineral's Know Knott or R+Co's Pinstripe Intense Detangler with a trusty Tangle Teezer Brush to glide through knots with ease.


Don't Tie It Up

You might think you're protecting your hair by not rolling around with it down, but tension from a hair tie and too high of a ponytail/bun left in for several hours can definitely damage and break your hair.

Instead, sleep with it down, or if you have to tie it back, go low with a ponytail or loose braid at the nape of your neck and fasten with a velvet scrunchie or Invisibobble to prevent snagging your hair and causing friction.

If your hair is short, simply tuck it behind your ears.


Apply A Treatment

Run Moroccanoil through the ends of your hair to help condition and hydrate while you sleep. 

The ends of your hair tend to be drier that your roots, so a little extra moisture before bed can keep them looking smooth and shiny.

Make sure to wash it out in the morning.

Dry Shampoo

The best way to use dry shampoo is before bed! Your scalp produces the most oil overnight. ... Another reason is that you are actually giving the product the time it needs to work. Most of us spray our roots and brush the product through the hair before it absorbs anything.

R+Co's incredible powder dry shampoo - Skyline and Oribe's Gold Lust Dry Shampoo will absorb any grease and are easy to brush through and restyle in the morning.

Looking for a little extra volume? or just want to rid you hair of any residual grease? In that case, a second coat in the morning should do the trick. Day two (or three, or four) hair never looked so good.

Sleep On Silk

Prevent breakage and prolong the life of your blowdry with SILKE London Hair Turbans - which not only makes you look absolutely faaaaabulous and starlet-worthy, but work to minimise friction so your locks look constantly glossy (and you can leave longer between washes). 

Pair with one of our limited edition Silk Pillowcases to target your skin aswell as your hair. The silk causes less friction between your hair, skin and the fabric. Plus, they don’t absorb all of your natural essential oils like cotton does, so your skin and hair stay hydrated and nourished throughout the night.

Silk is hypoallergenic and naturally dust-mite resistant, making it perfect for those that suffer from a range of allergies.

When you toss and turn, silk allows your hair to slide across the pillow for less fraying and frizz. 


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of...

If you find the 'Land of Nod' elusive The Nod sleep is a deep sleep. The formula is designed to deliver a very deep, very relaxing sleep-style, with a waking-up feeling that customers describe as “warm and content” and even “delicious”. It takes the anxiety away from every part of your sleep - from getting to sleep, to waking with an anxious and busy mind. Nod calms you and makes you feel relaxed and positive. If you wake in the night, you won’t wake up on ‘high-alert’ rather you will come into a light sleep then easily drift back to deep sleep. 

Shop your sleep essentials here.

Some might say it’s a Christmas miracle.. Some already have


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