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Best in Beauty Awards - Tangle Teezers

1 min read

How exciting that two of our Tangle Teezers have won the Best in Beauty awards!

Our favourite Tangle Teezer - the elite was named the winner of NZ Best in Beauty 2015 and also the Aqua Splash. These come in a variety of colours. 

One of the most asked questions when people go to buy a Tangle Teezer is - can I brush my hair when its wet? And the answer is YES!! Think of your Tangle Teezer as a comb. Use it to detangle, distribute product through your hair and keep one in the shower for when you use your conditioner and treatments. You will notice your hair feels softer and easier to manage when you have combed through your conditioner. 

So we can see why Tangle Teezer has won the Best in Beauty and we agree!

Tangle Teezer Elite RRP $28
Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash RRP $29