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The benefits of using Moroccan Oil!

April 16, 2016 2 min read

The benefits of using Moroccan Oil!-Sable Boutique

It's common knowledge that moisture is key to having healthy hair..& Moroccan Oil is best known for giving moisture to dry & damaged hair...but what about the other benefits? If we're keeping it simple and referring to the original 100ml Moroccan Oil, there are SO many benefits you may not even be aware of.

1) Anti-Frizz properties. Moroccan Oil is lightweight and perfect for taming frizzy hair, the great thing is it won't weigh down your hair or make it look greasy. Weather it's a few fly-aways or a full on untamed mane, a few drops of Moroccan Oil in the palms should do the trick just fine.

2) If you're wanting to grow long hair, split ends can be a real problem. Moroccan Oil penetrates hair to its deepest level, strengthening your locks and allowing you to grow long luscious locks without any split ends. 

3)  Repairing damage. Moroccan Oil is extremely high in Omega 3 & fatty acids. This makes it the perfect potion for repairing hair that has been damaged due to straightening, humidity, hair-drying etc. Moroccan Oil hydrates and repairs hair, increasing elasticity and shine. 

4) Lastly, Moroccan Oil can be used for styling! Yes styling, Moroccan Oil is great as a primer before using heat on hair. It will protect your hair from heat damage and also help your style last longer! 


These are just some of the amazing benefits you can look forward to when beginning to use Moroccan Oil. Not only does the Moroccan Oil range include the original oil, there are also shampoos, conditioners, treatments, sprays and many more. Take a look at the original Moroccan Oil + the rest of the collection at our online store. Happy Sunday everyone!


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